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Remember those who fought for us

Story and video by Ana Pautassi

Soldiers at Memorial Park

On the 11th day of the 11th month on the 11th hour people throughout Canada are asked to take sometime to remember those who have fought for us.

Despite the cold windy weather, hundreds of people gathered at Memorial Park in Oshawa for the annual Remembrance Day ceremony.

Many were brought to tears as they took a moment of silence.

Oshawa Mayor John Henry, MP Colin Carrie and MPP Jerry Ouellette gave their tribute to the soldiers and expressed their respect for those who came out to the event.

Henry asked for those in the crowd to shake a uniformed person’s hand to show their support.

“I say thank you for the great things you have done and for what you have accomplished around the world,” said Henry to the veterans in the crowd.

Ouellette showed his respected and explained what he believes soldiers go through to keep fighting for Canada.

“We choose to go on, although I think the reality is that we have to look and say how can we not continue on and continue to make a difference,” said Ouellette.

Aside from the service, Support our Troops banners were raised throughout Oshawa earlier this week in honour of veterans.

The ceremony ended with a parade in the heart of downtown Oshawa lead by Sergeant- at-Arms Mal Knocker.

Also, a new stone from Afghanistan has been added to the war memorial located in Memorial Park. The monument was built from stones found in battlefields where Canadians have fought.

Here is a video of the service at Memorial Park.

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