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Oshawa heritage at City Hall

Story, photo and video by Ana Pautassi.

Historic photographs of Oshawa from the Bouckley Collection and interpretive multi media canvas work by Margaret Rodger

Heritage Week in Ontario is shortly approaching and Heritage Oshawa will be hosting an event next weekend at the Oshawa Centre. However, Oshawa City Hall is one step ahead in celebrating the city’s history.

The Art and History Committee is currently showcasing works of art from Margaret Rodger at City Hall, who has taken historic images of the city and made multimedia works of art. The canvases have used the inspiration of photographs from The Bouckley Collection using them as background images and painting other figures over top to show historic day-to-day life.

This exhibit is part of the Art and Culture in the Hall initiative to showcase local artwork from photographs to collectables.

The display gets switched twice a year to give other artist the opportunity to showcase their work.

Along with Rodger’s artwork, Phil and Lil Hulaj have provided City Hall with hand painted art pottery pieces from Smith Potteries, which operated in Oshawa from 1926 to 1949. The vases, bowls and lamp bases can be seen in the video below.

The display is located in the council chamber hall to the left of the courtyard entrance.

City Hall is expanding its culture within the building. With donations from the Independent Project Managers, they were able to place a permanent sculpture called the Oshawa Rising created by Ron Baird.

The committee is developing a plan to bring some more culture to the city as a whole.

Art and History Committee member, Paul Radoslovich, talks about the exhibit and the development of the committee in the video below.