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A colourful Valentine’s Day

Oh Valentine’s Day! The annual tradition celebrating a couple’s love for one another can be rather bittersweet. Some loathe February 14th and some welcome it with open arms and wallets. This holiday has turned into a rather expensive celebration with one third of Canadian men spending between $100 and $250 according to a recent MasterCard Canada survey. Although a rather lucrative holiday for commercial businesses, what gal wouldn’t mind a little expensive attention on this special occasion?

Of course women can shower their partners with roses, jewellery and dinners but unfortunately (or not?) this specific holiday really requires the man to step up and show just how romantic he can be. Lucky for them creativity is not hard to find with endless options of floral shops and restaurants in downtown Oshawa.

Classic Flowers is just one of the many florists ready for V-Day action and part-owner Ann Marie Kirkpatrick says they’re getting busier and busier as the anticipated day approaches.

“We’re definitely getting busier. A lot of the time it’s men coming in so it can be a rather last minute sort of busy,” she explains.

Kirkpatrick also says that with this Valentine’s Day falling on a Monday, she expects the rush to be spread out over the weekend.

While putting together colourful arrangements in her shop, she says that men often feel a need to play it safe with red roses, but there are plenty of other floral options out there and experimenting with them can be a lot of fun.

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