Outdoor summer party at the RMG

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The Robert McLaughlin Gallery hosted their latest First Fridays event on August 5 with a summer twist, moving the party outside to enjoy the heat.
Local musicians Patrick Dorie and Jeff Leech and Abel performed acoustic sets on the steps of the gallery while downtown Oshawa’s burger joint The Patty Shack served free RMG sliders.

Jeff Leech (right) and Abel perform on the steps on The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Patty Shack brought 200 of their mini burgers topped with roasted peppers, mozzarella and gardillic sauce to make them RMG themed. They even made a special delivery of a vegetarian version of the tiny burger. Along with the sliders, owner Dave Hannah was handing out cards for free four-ounce burgers that featured an artistic burger design by local artist Dani Crosby.
Patty Shack owner Dave Hannah gives away a RMG slider.

The live music wasn’t the only entertainment, though. Oshawa radio station 94.9 The Rock was there to keep the crowd going between sets.
And while all the exhibits at the gallery were open for browsing during the outdoor party, art was brought outside and made interactive by Crosby. Anyone could add to the three pieces she started with an artistic twist on the acronym RMG.
“It’s inclusive and completely accessible. Anyone, any age can really enjoy it,” said Crosby.
And by the end of the evening many had, with individual contributions on all three canvases.
Artist Dani Crosby working on one of three interactive pieces.

That interaction is part of what First Fridays organizer Norah O’Donnell says draws such a diverse crowd to the free event.
“We felt we needed to reach out and get into the community. We need to move out of our doors to bring you through our doors,” said O’Donnell. “We wanted to invite people just passing by to have a fun night.”
First Fridays moves back inside the gallery for a back-to-school jam on September 2 with performances from Mass Device and Volcano Playground.
Story and images by Nathan Mackinnon

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