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Spring is the vernal season. But for DC Comics, this fall is a season of revitalization.
As of August 31, DC Comics, one of the world’s largest comic book companies for over 75 years, is re-launching 52 of its biggest titles, including Batman, Superman and Green Latern.
For each of the four weeks in September, DC will release 13 comics. These 52 new first issues will feature fresh stories, written and illustrated by top comic book creators today.
“We’ve had a pleasant reaction, but we kind of expected that for number one,” says Ross Lockhart of Worlds Collide Comics. “The real test is when we start looking at number two.”

Worlds Collide Comic is located at 80 Simcoe St. N.

DC’s goal is to appeal to new audiences while bringing something fresh to devoted enthusiasts.
“We’re seeing some new fans. A lot of people are interested because it’s a great place to jump on,” says Lockhart. “Sales have been great. It’s been fantastic. They’ve been a little bit better than normal.”
DC has also tried to establish a mark in diversity, bringing in a new Batman incarnation – Batwing – the African Batman.
“The real issue is, I don’t think a lot of readers identified with the character,” says Lockhart. “Unfortunately, it’s such a white audience, you have a character who’s in Africa, who’s just hard to identify with. It was fairly well written though. I enjoyed it.”
Although DC never seized to alter the variation of superheros. “A lot of people don’t look at how to diverse the Justice League really is – one’s from another planet, one’s a different species all together and one’s a female and part god in Greek, although they don’t draw her as such, she is.”
Lockhart likes the idea of diversifying comics, thinking that changing up the number ones are a good place to start. But the problem facing the diversification of comics is that they’re looking to reissue a portrait of DC heroes and most of them are unfortunately dominant white males.
What else does DC have in store for readers?
“Wait for issue two, see how many people pick that up,” says Lockhart. It looks like the company will have its second phase of the new number ones coming out in about six months.
Find out more about Worlds Collide on their website.
Story and image by Matthew McPhee

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