Eco Style

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Story and photos by Caley Bedore

A look at the salon

Magnolia Salon is truly a downtown gem. Walking into the King Street shop I was immediately greeted by its charming décor and calming environment. Furnished with refurbished finds, each piece seemed meticulously placed to optimize the salon’s space and create an inviting, vintage atmosphere.
Owner Tracy Dean and her husband Dave Couch decided to develop an eco-friendly salon after the heavy chemicals in the hair products made Dean severely ill. Later, Dean’s oldest sister got cancer and Dean re-entered the beauty industry to assist her. When her sister passed away, Dean returned to hairstyling but with a healthier agenda in mind. After an intensive research and trial period Dean and Couch settled on Davines hair products, based out of Italy, as the base of their eco salon.
Owner Tracy Dean

“Davines product line is a #1 product in Italy and is high quality and low in ammonia,” says Couch. “All types of our products are eco and health friendly.”
Not only are their products better for you and the environment, but Dean and Couch find other ways ensure their salon is an overall eco oasis. Not only do they re-vamp old furniture and use energy efficient lighting but they also find different uses for your hair.
“Believe it or not, hair absorbs oil the best,” says Couch. “It is used for wigs, but we also donate it to be used in environmental spills like in the Gulf of Mexico.”
Couch also says the Durham Region has been an excellent place to grow their business. “People are really embracing our initiative,” he says. “The downtown is starting to see a shift from big manufacturer stores to smaller, trendier boutiques. We are really happy to be in this area.”
The beautiful artwork that greets you at the door.