Twoupons are coupons in downtown Oshawa

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Story and photos by Adam Frauts

The Patty Shack in downtown Oshawa is offering Twitter coupons to all of it's followers.

Social media has become a large part of our lives, so much that it can even help us choose where we eat out.
The Patty Shack advertises on its official Twitter page, “Twoupons.” They are a form of coupon that can be used in the store to access specific deals that are shown on the webpage.

The official Twitter page of the Patty Shack

“We just thought it was a cool way to offer specials, but also to invite people to engage with us at the same time,” said John Mackenzie. He is the Patty Shacks public relations representative. They believe that it keeps the atmosphere fun for patrons and workers as well as keeping the Patty Shack fresh and generating repeat and further business.
All twoupons are tagged on twitter with the hashtag #Twoupon and can be redeemed simply by mentioning what the deal is. The coupons are valid from two until four and seven to close everyday. They also have a different lunchtime special daily from 11 until one.
The store has seen a decent rise in traffic because of the Twitter deals.
Making some fries at the Patty Shack

“We usually see a little bump of people who are paying attention and want the special,” said Mackenzie. Those who come in for the deal need to know exactly what they are asking for because the staff will test them and ask what exactly they are ordering.
Aside from the Twoupons, the Patty Shack is also running a weekly Hot Burgers contest. People can take pictures of their burgers and email them to the stores website. They put the photos on the Shacks Facebook page and people can tag themselves as their burger, in hopes of getting enough likes on their picture to win a dine for two gift certificate.