PA day at Art Camp

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Story and Photo by Kate Kemp

Paintings done by the children at Art Camp

Instead of staying home on a PA day children can spend the day at Art Camp at the Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery.
The camp is a different approach for children who aren’t interested in things such as sports, today the kids sculpted and painted. The program started in fall of last year and runs through out the school year. The cost is $40 for members and $50 for non-members, but discounts are available to families who enroll more than one child.
Education coordinators, Lizette Storey and Jennifer Treleaven incorporate as many artistic styles into the camp as possible such as sculpting, painting and mask making. They also try to have themed days for the kids such as un-birthday parties and masquerades. They take the children around the art gallery on a small guide. Children vary in age from six to 10 years old.
Most of the children in the camp have been there for a while, and quite enjoy it. Treleaven said they’d like to expand the program and have more children join.
“About a third of the children here are repeats and we’d like to expand but have no more than 20 children,” said Treleaven.
The Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every PA day, so it’s a full day for the kids. Treleaven said it’s a good amount of time because by the end of the day the kids are pretty well done.
“Their creative minds are pretty much done by the end of the day,” said Treleaven.
The next PA day is Friday Feb. 17.