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Story by Krystin Edgerton, photos courtesy of Sally Grande

An artist is someone who can produce something truly phenomenal and breath taking whether it is by a photograph, sculpture, painting or drawing.

Artists tend to see things differently and can produce a piece of art that’s unique, unfamiliar or exotic. Oshawa resident Sally Grande, is one artist who can take something most people would disregard and turn it into a masterpiece, and that’s misshaped carrots.

Artist of Creative Carrot, Sally Grande

“I had been speaking with organic farmers about all of the malformed carrots being discarded because they didn’t conform and people weren’t buying them,” said Grande “I found them interesting. I took them home and photographed them to use as inspiration for my painting.”
Grande feels that artistically carrots can provide an endless assortment of style, shapes and colour. “Many people don’t know that carrots come in different colour’s and so they ask me if I am painting real vegetables,” said Grande.
Creative Carrot artwork

These acrylic painting have been displayed throughout Oshawa, most recently at Beanz Café. “Most people smile or even chuckle, when they look at the paintings,” said Grande.
The unusual paintings are sold at various prices depending on the size and level of complexity.  “People who purchase the paintings are usually placing them in the kitchen, dining room settings, or wherever they will be a focal point for conversation,” continued Grande.
Creative Carrot artwork

Carrot paintings might be uncommon and something that most people don’t think about, but Grande feels that carrots and people have a lot in common. “They can be  straight and narrow, chubby and twisted, or round and babyish. Like humans, they have a long history during which some varieties have been repressed almost to extinction.”
If you’re interested in finding out additional information on these paintings or the artist, visit the creative carrots website.

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