DON photo contest winner and finalists announced

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Winning image by Scott Vaughan of SeRVe Photography

A young boy freely dances to beat of tribal drumming. Scott Vaughan of SeRVe Photography and his camera were there to capture the winning shot of the Downtown Oshawa News photo contest. Vaughan’s image was chosen out of over 40 beautiful photograph submissions that can be seen here.
The Oshawa photographer took the winning image in February at Bola! in downtown Oshawa. “When I took that photo, obviously the kid dancing was very interesting, he had a lot of character to him. And I chose a slower shutter speed, simply to catch the motion of him moving and dancing.
Vaughan has always had a passion for photography, but in the passed five years has been turning his hobby into a wedding and event photography business. The man behind SeRVe photography is no stranger to downtown Oshawa.
“I always try to be out as much as possible because I want to be part of the downtown scene. Using photography, I want to bring a spotlight to show what’s really happing in the downtown and to bring it the reputation is deserves. I think downtown Oshawa is Shwasome.”
The contest was judged by Stephanie Foden, Mike Berube and Charlotte Hale who were all impressed with the overall quality of submissions. The theme for this year’s contest was environment. “All the submissions had a strong sense of the theme in both a literal and a narrative way,” said Berube.
Thanks to everyone who submitted images. Here are the shortlisted photos:

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