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Story by Andy Shierson

Ziggpy Pop Thursdays run every week at Murphy's Pub from 9 to 11 p.m.

The music vibe in downtown Oshawa is kicking it up a notch with Ziggy Pop Thursdays, rocking the house at Murphy’s Pub from now until the end of August from 9 to 11 p.m..
It’s a fabulous night of hard core musical talent that allows local and touring bands a chance to showcase their passion for music on a regular basis.
There are open mikes all around Oshawa and the surrounding area throughout the week, but what the downtown core was missing was a night structured soley around showcasing local musicians, bands and touring artists passing through the Durham Region.
What’s unique about Ziggy Pop Thursdays is that there is no one genre that is preferred over another. There is some serious variety from punk, to classic rock and brass bands to metal bands and there’s something for just about everyone.
Founder Will McGuirk says, “We needed to develop some place where young players can showcase their work, a place to that wasn’t so formalized or structured, a place where young players can learn from other musicians in an open environment.”
If anyone is interested in bringing their band from their garage, basement or wherever your band jams, contact McGuirk and schedule a time for him to check out your band and rock it out at Murphy’s Pub for your Thursday night of fame.
“Open mike environments breed a certain kind of music,” says McGuirk. And Ziggy Pop Thursdays takes it one step further with a variety of not only solo musicians but local bands that started the grass routes way, by playing in places like their garages or dingy basements.
Check out Murphy’s Pub every Thursday night to experience a music night like no other. Right now McGuirk has line ups right until the end of August. Check out the lineup or just take a wander down Simcoe Street and check it out one Thursday night for yourself. If your band wants to join this amazing music vibe, contact Will McGuirk at or check out the facebook fan page¬†for more information.

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