To winter, or not to winter?

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Story, video & image: Miranda Roach

There is no sign of snow on the roads just yet, but the winter season is only a few weeks away.

With winter fast approaching, people have more than chestnuts roasting on their minds. Some are thinking about what kind of tree to get this year and others are deciding whether or not to purchase winter tires. While those people are still deciding, some have already hopped on the tread train.
While waiting for a diagnosis at Meineke Car Care Centre in Oshawa, customer Eric Baragar said he bought his winter tires last week. “I find winter tires are very important,” he said. “They definitely have a mental impact on drivers being safe on the roads.”

Winter tires aren’t mandatory in Ontario and can be very expensive. While the option is available for everyone, some have their bank accounts make the choice for them.
“It’s the expense,” said Christine Jervis. “I can’t afford to get winter tires and I have a very short commute working in Whitby.”
Whether it’s a long or short commute, there are many different tire options available for drivers all-year round, but it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about that first snowfall. Other things drivers should consider for the white-coated season ahead are keeping emergency items in their vehicles such as flashlights, anti-freeze and something to keep warm in case of emergency.

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