IMAGINARIUM – a night of unique art

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Story by Renita Naraine

Drawing by Matt Cerovich

It’s not the kind of art that we are usually exposed to, but if you want a taste of a unique exhibit, head down to Murphy’s Pub and Grill (downstairs) and The Bombshell (upstairs) on Nov. 12.
IMAGINARIUM is retuning to the pub with more entertainment, more talent and more surreal artwork than ever before. The event, thrown by Adam Worboy and Matt Cerovich (Mattovich) is filled with what they call “Xenocrania,” meaning the alien mind, which is a different perspective on creative works.

Event poster for IMAGINARIUM

Worboy and Cerovich have been involved in the downtown art scene for several years and are aiming to plan art events for every season. Their previous event was in July, but this one is expected to be bigger and better.
This time, the downtown Oshawa pub is hosting the event that will not only feature great music, but the night will also be filled with unusual and artistic brilliance.
The arts show begins at 6 p.m. where everyone is invited to view different photography styles, digital art, sketches, paintings and spoken poetry from artists like Ryan Howe from Lost Anchor Tattoo, Dave Hill of D Vulgar photography and Trevor Henderson of Creature Feature.
“Downtown Oshawa has an amazing artistic and musical scene, but there’s a lot of styles and mediums that don’t get a lot of exposure. So we aim to get people who do strange or offbeat art some exposure and a chance to network with likeminded, creative individuals,” said Cerovich.
Musical guests will be including Home Movies, ShwaCity Ramblers, DJ Matt Diamond and many others. Along with the spoken poetry, there will be lots of entertainment, which starts at 8 p.m. until close.
Michaela Phillips is a bartender at Murphy’s Pub and Grill and also has some visual art pieces being displayed at the exhibit. She said she has collaborated with one of the musicians and helped with the art for their album.
“I think its important that people realize that there is art available to them and normal people can do art. It’s not something that’s inaccessible to the general public. It doesn’t have to be something famous,” said Phillips.
If you can’t make it to Saturday’s show, Cerovich and Worboy are planning another one in March.

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