DON Photo Contest winner and finalists announced

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Story by Stephanie Foden

Darren Humphries photo "Show's Over" has won the DON photo contest

A young boy crosses the Oshawa Bandshell in Memorial Park in early December. Darren Humphries and his camera were there to capture the winning shot of the Downtown Oshawa News photo contest. Humphries image “Show’s Over” was chosen out of over 40 beautiful photograph submissions that can be seen here.
Humphries snagged the spectacular shot when he was specially looking to take shots for the contest. “I was framing up, just to strictly take a picture of the band shell itself and out from the corner of my eye I saw the boy walking by and waited until he was in between the benches and took it then,” said Humphries.
Humphries started his hobby in photography back in April after doing some traveling. He now is hooked and loves taking pictures of all sorts of places, including downtown Oshawa. “I like it,” he says. “I do it quite a bit, kind of wander downtown and take some shots.”
The contest was judged by Stephanie Foden, Mike Berube and Charlotte Hale who were all impressed with the overall quality of submissions. “It was great to see such a variety of work from photographers on all fronts. All of the photographs had elements of content and were packaged well,” said Berube. “Oshawa has a very interesting group of photographers beginning to spring up and it is exciting to see both the photographers and their elements of style grow. ”
Thanks to everyone who submitted images. Here are the other photos that were shortlisted: