Cupcakes, Coffee and Creativity

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Story by Hillary Di Menna

All you need for a Write-on meeting

Every Tuesday evening at 6:30, Mad Café tables are pushed together. Those seated have pen in hand, fuelled by cupcakes, coffee and creativity.
Write-on is a new writers group in downtown Oshawa. Members include poets, artists, zine creators and journalists. Anyone of any, if any, skill level is welcome to join. An informal setting there is no commitment required, the group is there to inspire.
Members have a chance to share their work and participate in writing activities. Through discussion and these exercises, members may build upon their craft.
“Inspiration to write more frequently and share new material,” said Brock Mundy, a spoken word poet, when he was asked what he has taken from the group so far.
He described the group as something to get your juices flowing.
“Small fun exercises to break the ice and a friendly ear for sharing what matters most to you, your writing! It’s a great place to meet with likeminded people and share information about upcoming events and past experiences.”
Members share their experiences with getting work published, suggest reading material to each others and writing tips such as how to conquer writer’s block.
The group started in November with five members. The first meeting was at Bola in one of its upstairs rooms one afternoon. Members could not exactly define what would come of the group, but all agreed they wanted to meet regularly in downtown Oshawa and share their work, for free.
The group has grown and continues to see new faces Tuesday evenings, and says they would like to see more.
Mad Café is located at 38 King St E.