Halloween spirit alive in Oshawa

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Oshawa is dressing up and getting ready for the spookiest time of the year.

Story, images & video: Chantal da Silva
Halloween is just a few spooky nights away and as Oshawa stores are still selling candy, costumes and decorations, residents and students are dressing up for the howling weekend ahead.
“I’m taking my 90 year-old father-in-law to the Scary Oakey at the north Legion,” said Oshawa resident Leslie Marcia. “We’re dressing him up in a zoot-zoot gangster outfit.”
Chelsea Marcia an employee at the downtown Party Store wanted to make her costume a memorable one. “I’m going as the Cheshire cat,” she said.
UOIT Criminology student Nizar Mawani will be enjoying the celebrations around campus.
“I’m going to a costume party on Sunday and going as a Jabbawockeez.”
Although party life seems to be a favourite amongst students, some are reliving their childhood tradition because of high costs.
“I’m going trick-or-treating,” said UOIT Legal studies student Christopher Trauzzi. “Everything is too expensive, I can’t afford to do anything else.”
In the downtown core, bars are getting ready for the Halloween specials and frightening activities.
DON reporter Chantal Da Silva ventured out to get a sneak peek at what Oshawa’s Halloween nightlife has to offer.

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