Oshawa's New Magazine OshaWhat

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Story and photo by Mickey Djuric

Erin Elliott reads the paper at Mad Cafe, where she often works on her website OshaWhat.

Seven day old OshaWhat is an online magazine that is made by the community for the community.
Erin Elliott, an editor and third generation Oshawa citizen created the magazine bringing a fresh, new and creative spin on how news is delivered to the public.
The website features a diverse range of articles including reviews, music, arts and culture, and the environment.
All writers and artists are volunteers who contribute on their own time, sharing an interest in the community.
“We have a neat mix of people,” said Elliott. “OshaWhat is a platform for what they want to bring to the table. No matter what you’re into, it’s a place to talk about it. My hope is that more people will step up and see what they’re interested in and it will be a place for them.”
Through OshaWhat, Elliott is trying to re-invent the way the city is portrayed. “If I search just the mention of Oshawa on Twitter, it makes me want to cry,” said Elliott getting out her smartphone. “The things people are saying.”
She points to the screen. “This guy’s saying ‘Leaving for Oshawa, ugh.’” Elliott point to another Twitter post, reading it aloud, “’I can see why they call Oshawa the dirty Shwa’. Everything’s grey and smells like eggs.’”
Elliott finished reading; visibly upset people feel that way about her hometown. “It’s so depressing, and Oshawa get’s a bad reputation but it doesn’t deserve it. There are amazing things happening here, and I hope that this magazine can help spread the word.”
If you want to see how OshaWhat is creatively spreading the community news in a hipper, livelier, fun way then feel free to attend the OshaWhat official launch party March 2 at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. For more information visit OshaWhat Magazine.