Shrine Circus brings in elephants, clowns, families and protesters

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Story and photos by Stephanie Foden

A family rides an elephant at the Shrine Circus on July 18.

The Shrine Circus made a stop in Oshawa on July 18, drawing in families and protesters.
Outside the General Motors Centre as families entered the building, Shriners sold programs and clowns entertained the crowd, dozens protested the use of animals in circuses.
The Oshawa Shrine Club hosts the Shrine Circus annually in Oshawa. The circus features elephant rides, high-wire performers, clowns, motorcycle stunts, dog and elephant performances. Part of the proceeds from the circus support local Shriners and their efforts in the community.
Clowns talked to a family while protesters held signs.

A clown sold a Shrine Circus program to a girl.

The General Motors Centre on July 18.

A woman looks through a program at the Shrine Circus.

Families ride elephants on intermission at the Shrine Circus.

A performer rides off a jump at the General Motors Centre.

Families enjoy the circus on intermission.

An aerial performer at the Shrine Circus on July 18.

Two girls take a picture with an elephant at the Shrine Circus.

Dobermans do tricks at the Shrine Circus.

A local Shriner watches the circus.

A family watches an elephant at the Shrine Circus.

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