Greek delights available downtown

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Looking for a great place to eat? Try Mr. A’s Quick Flame Restaurant and Souvlaki House, it’s a nice place to relax and enjoy some traditional Greek food.
The restaurant has been located on King Street for over 31 years. Sathi Veluppillai has owned it for four years now. He bought it in late September and he absolutely loves his job.
“My favourite thing about my job is mostly the customers,” said Veluppillai “not the money.”
The majority of the customers that go to Mr. A’s are regulars. They love the food and keep coming back to the restaurant. Customers were worried that once there was a new owner the menu would change.
“We didn’t change anything, the menu was kept exactly the same and also the recipes,” said Veluppillai.

Enjoy one of the appetizers available at Mr. A's Quick Flame and Souvlaki House.

For a starter try the Greek bruschetta. Filled with feta cheese, tomatoes and green peppers, this is a delicious appetizer. For the main meal one of the most popular dishes to eat is the pork souvlaki dinner. Not only does it come with souvlaki, rice and potatoes it also comes with Greek salad and garlic bread. To end the meal off, try the classic cherry cheesecake for a dessert. All items on the menu are under $30.
Veluppillai believes that his service and quality of the food is what brings in guests. Customers can enjoy everything from traditional seafood to souvlaki to more North American items like hamburgers and poutine.
He is at this restaurant every day, open to close to deal with the customers and he gets to know them.
The customer service was great. The waitresses were welcoming and polite and the food was delicious. This is one restaurant citizens of Oshawa don’t want to miss out on.
For more information visit them online.
Story and images by Kylie Wazonek

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