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Story, video and image by Renita Naraine

Susan Chambers, owner of Paraphernalia Books 'N' Stuff

Hidden down a somewhat of a dark alley lies a store of hidden treasures, used books and fun collectibles. Susan Chambers is the proud owner of Paraphernalia Books ‘N’ Stuff, located on 13 King St. in downtown Oshawa.
The unique store is packed with used books that Chambers says she has gathered over many years. Collectibles from the United Kingdom such as flags, spoons, ornaments, key chains and many, many more fill the front of the store.

Whether you’re from the U.K. or not, the store has a lot to offer. Chambers said her best sellers are collectibles from Dr. Who and Coronation St., but she also has lots of great candy and foods, made in the U.K.
She said she is expecting a lot of new fan favourite collectibles for the holiday season. She also mentioned that students get a 10 per cent discount, it might be a great idea to stock up on presents for family and friends!