Friends of the Library Book Sale

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Story and photos by Mickey Djuric

You won't find just books at this weekends book sale.

In the age of technology, electronic books are becoming more popular and discussions about the book one day going extinct is actually being talked about in classrooms, at work and even on the bus.
A main appeal for electronic books becoming more popular is their low-cost. However, people who think cheap books can only be found electronically are mistaken.

The McLaughlin Branch Library (located on Bagot St) is saving literature one book at a time because they are offering hundreds of books for as low as one dollar each. The annual Friends of the Library Book Sale takes place from Oct. 20 to 23, and is open from 10 a.m. till 4:30 p.m.
Books are sold in order to make room on the library shelves when the branch no longer has room or when people donate books.
“Many people drop off books at the branch. So we make them available to the Friends of the Library, and they decide if they want to sell them in their book sale. And we keep some books too,” said Jackie McFarlan the Information Services Supervisor at the McLaughlin Branch.
The money raised from the book sale goes to the Friends of the Library, which in return helps fund the branch for programs like book clubs.
Not only are books sold, but so are CD’s, DVDs, VHS tapes, vinyl records and magazines.
Attending the book sale is a perfect way to support literature, the community and keeping libraries alive.