New video “Oshawizes” Canadian national anthem

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Story and video by Andy Shierson

A new video produced to “Oshawize” the Canadian national anthem debuted week at Oshawa’s City Hall meeting on June 11.
With the help from St. John Bosco School Children’s Choir, their pianist Marge Priest and myself, Andrea Shierson, a Durham College Journalism graduate, we created a piece that reflects the essence of community.
There’s nothing that enhances the essence of love for our city than the tune of children singing O Canada and students, both young and mature volunteering their time to produce a video that emphasizes the beauty of Oshawa.
“The true beauty of Oshawa and its people will be celebrated and proudly played at each City Council meeting for years to come,” says Mayor John Henry. “The time people volunteered and the effort they expended on its production is a true gift to our city and exemplifies the strong civic mindedness and passion for our community and country.”
The pianist Marge Priest was at the presentation and happily received the plaque that will hang on the school walls of St. John Bosco Elementary School for years to come.
Mayor Henry kindly invited me up to the front to receive my certificate of recognition for my time and devotion the the project. He shook my hand and thanked me with a genuine smile.
Then he called my three-year-old son, Matty up to the front of council. Matty came charging up to the front, proud as could be and shook Mayor Henry’s hand along with all the other council members.
I grinned with a proud mother smile, and as I looked out to the audience there my mom was looking back at me, with her proud mommy smile.
This certificate will be a reminder of how important community is to my family and it will hang proudly on the walls of their home for years to come.

Photo courtesy of City of Oshawa.

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